Our goal is to make women feel and be their most beautiful. 

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Nicole Solomon is a makeup artist based in Washington, DC. Nicole has had the opportunity to do makeup for personal and corporate clients in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Traveling between major cities along the east coast for work and training helps to maintain her creative edge and allows her to stay abreast of current and upcoming beauty trends.

Nicole received over ten years of training and client based experience with brands including Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, YSL, NARS and Laura Mercier in Washington D.C. While residing in New York City she expanded her client roster to include brides-to-be and models represented by CESD Talent Agency, Prestigious Agency and Cobalt Sky Entertainment. Nicole has provided the makeup and services for marketing campaigns, promotional advertisements and videos for corporate clients including New York City and Philadelphia.

Nicole is known for her beautiful skin makeup applications which result in a look that is both natural looking yet trendy while enhancing each client’s unique features. Nicole has a clear understanding of how to use the right tools, skincare, and makeup that has beautified many brides, corporate executives, mothers and friends.

Women are required to wear many hats in their day-to-day lives. Nicole Solomon Make Up was created to help women feel and look their best by enhancing the beauty they already have. Whether you are preparing for a dinner party, class reunion, or getting ready for your wedding day, Nicole will ensure that every woman looks and feels their best.

Flawless, beautiful, comfortable, and timeless - Nicole Solomon Make Up - Your beauty enhanced.